Breakfast & Lunch

Served with your choice of toast or silver dollar pancakes. Excludes Huevos Rancheros.
  1. *Huevos Rancheros
    Two eggs, refried beans, hash browns, homemade green chili, melted cheese, green onion. Served with your choice of ham, bacon or sausage and two tortillas.
  2. *Chicken Fried Steak or Chicken Fried Chicken Skillet
    Chicken fried Steak or chicken on diced potatoes smothered in country gravy and topped with two eggs.
  3. *Country Ham Skillet
    Diced ham, onion and mushroom on diced potatoes topped with two eggs and cheddar jack cheese.
  4. *Corned Beef Hash Skillet
    House made corned beef hash topped with two eggs.
  5. *Vegetable Hash Skillet
    Sweet potato, potato,bell pepper and onion spiced up just right, topped with two eggs
Corned Beef Hash
Hearty Day Starters
Hearty day starters served with two eggs, potatoes or cheesy grits and choice of toast or silver dollar pancakes.
Top Sirloin Steak
  1. *7oz Top Sirloin
    House cut and cooked to your liking.
  2. *11oz Top Sirloin
    House cut and cooked to your liking.
  3. *Chicken Fried Steak or Chicken Fried Chicken
    Tender steak breaded and fried, then smothered in homemade country gravy.
  4. *Ham Steak
    Thick cut ham steak cooked over an open flame
  5. *Bacon or Sausage Patties
    Choice of thick cut applewood smoked bacon or house made sausage patties.
  6. *Beef Patty
    1/2 lb beef patty broiled and smothered with sautéed onions and mushrooms.
  7. *Pork Tenderloin & Eggs
    Thick cut pork tenderloin medallions broiled to perfection
Scrambles made with three eggs and served with potatoes or cheesy grits and choice of toast or silver dollar pancakes
  1. Chorizo Scramble
    House made chorizo, green onion, pepper-jack cheese, drizzled with sour cream.
  2. Italian Sausage Scramble
    House made Italian sausage, diced tomato, fresh spinach, provolone cheese and green onion.
  3. Mediterranean Scramble
    Diced chicken, fresh spinach, artichoke heart, black olive, diced tomato and feta cheese.
  4. *Veggie Scramble
    Scrambled eggs with onion, bell pepper, mushroom, spinach, tomato and black olives
  5. *Three Meat Scramble
    Scrambled eggs with ham, bacon and sausage topped with melted pepper-jack cheese
Our omelets are made with three eggs. Substitute egg beaters for a healthier option. Served with potatoes or cheesy grits and choice of toast or silver dollar pancakes.
  1. Denver
    The classic Denver omelet made with ham, onion, bell pepper and cheddar jack cheese.
  2. New Mexico
    Fire roasted green chilies, homemade chorizo, onion, jalapeno and pepper-jack cheese.
  3. Veggie
    Fresh mushroom, onion, bell pepper, tomato, spinach and cheddar-jack cheese.
  4. Country
    Ham, onion and Swiss cheese drizzled with sour cream.
  5. Ham, Bacon or Sausage & Cheese Omelet
    Your choice of meat with melted cheddar-jack cheese

  1. Breakfast Burrito
    A big burrito filled with chorizo, green chilies, potatoes. scrambled eggs topped with our homemade green chili and cheddar jack cheese.
  2. *Country Benedict
    Buttermilk biscuit, halved and topped with homemade sausage patties and two eggs smothered with our homemade country gravy and served with potatoes.
  3. Biscuits & Gravy
    Add potatoes and choice of meat
  4. *Breakfast Sandwich
    Egg and cheese with choice of ham, bacon or sausage patty served on toast, English muffin or croissant
  5. 1/2 Biscuits & Gravy
    Add potatoes and choice of meat
  6. Country Burrito
    Chicken fried steak, scrambled eggs and potatoes rolled in a tortilla and smothered in our homemade country gravy then topped with cheddar-jack cheese
  7. Oatmeal
    with toast and all the fixins
Pancakes & French Toast
Add strawberry, blueberry or cinnamon apple fruit topping 1.75

  1. Short Stack
    Two pancakes
  2. One Pancake
  3. Silver Dollar Pancakes
    Three silver dollar sized pancakes.
  4. Tall Stack
    Three pancakes
  5. French Toast
    Three thick slices of bread battered dipped and grilled. Dusted with powder sugar.
  6. Half French Toast
    Two slices for a lighter meal.
  7. Pancake or French Toast Combo
    Two Pancakes or two slices of French toast with two eggs and choice of ham, bacon or sausage patties.
  8. Praline Walnut French Toast
    Two thick slices of french toast drizzled with our house made praline sauce and sprinkled with walnuts

  1. Buttermilk Biscuit
  2. Cheesy Grits
  3. Toast
  4. English Muffin
  5. Cinnamon Roll
  6. Beef Patty
  7. Bacon or Sausage Patties
  8. Ham Steak
  9. Italian Sausage
  10. Chorizo Sausage
  11. Corned Beef Hash
  12. Green Chili
  13. Country Gravy
  14. *One Egg
  15. *Two Eggs
  16. Fresh Fruit cup or bowl
  17. Sour Cream
  18. Breakfast Potatoes
  1. Spinach Artichoke Dip
    House made spinach artichoke dip served with toasted garlic bread, celery and carrot sticks.
  2. Chicken Wings
    Wings deep fried and tossed in your choice of sauce: Buffalo, Phil's sweet heat, BBQ sauce or Jamaican jerk seasoning.
  3. Mozzarella Cheese Sticks
    Breaded mozzarella cheese deep fried crispy and served with choice of two dipping sauces.
  4. Butter Breaded Mushrooms
    Button mushrooms breaded and fried, served with ranch dressing.
  5. Fried Pickle Spears
    Breaded pickles deep-fried golden served with our house made spicy mustard sauce.
  6. Homemade Potato Chips
    A basketful of hot and crispy potato chips served with house made dipping sauce.
  7. Pork Rinds
    Seasoned crispy fried pork rinds
Soup & Chili
  1. Cup or Bowl of Homemade Soup
    Ask your server for todays selection
  2. Cup or Bowl of Homemade Green Chili
  3. Cup or Bowl of Homemade Red Chili
Caesar Salad
  1. Side Caesar or House Salad
  2. Cobb Salad
    Salad greens with egg, tomato, bacon, black olives and bleu cheese crumbles. Choice of grilled or crispy fried chicken breast.
  3. *Caesar Salad
    Fresh chopped romaine tossed in our house made Caesar dressing with croutons and parmesan cheese Add chicken or Salmon
  4. Greek Feta Salad
    Fresh spinach leaves with tomato, cucumber, artichoke hearts, red onion, sliced almonds and feta crumbles with grilled chicken breast and house made feta dressing.
River Bottom Burgers
Half pound seasoned hand pressed patties. Healthy options: Turkey or black bean patty. Served with choice of french fries, onion rings, homemade chips, sweet potato french fries, house salad or cup of soup.

  1. *Black & Bleu Burger
    Grilled with our blackened seasoning and topped with our house made bleu cheese dressing and bleu cheese crumbles.
  2. *Jalapeno Burger
    Topped with pepper-jack cheese, jalapeno slices and smoky chipotle mayo.
  3. *BBQ Bacon Burger
    Topped with sharp cheddar cheese, bacon and a crispy onion ring then drizzled with our BBQ sauce
  4. *South of the Border Burger
    Crispy flour tortilla with two 1/4 lb patties smothered with homemade green chili and topped with cheddar-jack cheese, tomato, green onion and a drizzle of sour cream.
  5. *Sante Fe Burger
    Fire roasted green chilies, pepper-jack cheese, bacon and chipotle mayo.
  6. *Guacamole Bacon Cheese Burger
    Melted pepper-jack cheese crisp bacon and fresh guacamole.
  7. *Mushroom Swiss Burger
    Swiss cheese and sautéed onions, mushrooms and garlic.
  8. *Red Chili Burger
    Two 1/4 lb patties smothered with homemade red chili topped with cheddar-jack cheese, lettuce and tomato
Served with choice of french fries, onion rings, homemade chips, sweet potato fries, house salad or cup of soup.

  1. Chicken Club
    Grilled chicken breast and black forest ham on a potato bun with American cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayo.
  2. Reuben
    Slow roasted corned beef sliced thin with Swiss cheese, sauerkraut and thousand island dressing on toasted marble rye.
  3. Pastrami
    Thin sliced pastrami on marble rye with Swiss cheese and house made Russian dressing. Served hot or cold.
  4. River Bottom Ultimate Grilled Cheese
    Sour dough bread crusted with parmesan cheese stuffed with Swiss, provolone and sharp cheddar cheeses
  5. Italian Sausage
    House made Italian sausage on a hoagie roll with fire roasted green chilies, marinara sauce and provolone cheese.
  6. *Patty Melt
    A classic patty melt made with two 1/4 lb patties on marble rye with Swiss cheese and sautéed onions.
  7. Philly Cheese Steak
    Thin sliced ribeye with grilled onion, bell pepper, mushrooms and provolone cheese on a hoagie roll.
  8. The Roundabout Chicago Bacon Dog
    A bacon wrapped hot dog deep fried topped with pickle relish, sliced tomato, pickle spear, banana peppers, sport peppers, mustard and celery salt.
  9. Chili Cheese Dog
    All beef hot dog smothered with red chili and cheddar-jack cheese
  10. NY Street Cart Dog
    Juicy beef hot dog with sauerkraut, onion relish and spicy brown mustard
  11. New Mexico Chicken Wrap
    Grilled chicken breast with jalapeno cream cheese, onion, lime juice, lettuce, tomato and pepper-jack cheese
  12. French Dip
    Thinly sliced roast beef on a toasted hoagie roll with provolone cheese and au jus
Served with french fries and cole slaw.

  1. Fish & Chips
    Ale battered cod served with tartar sauce.
  2. Chicken Tenders
    Deep fried crispy chicken strips with a dipping sauce of your choice.
  3. * Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of food-borne illness.
  4. Shrimp Basket
    Popcorn shrimp served with cocktail sauce